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Author Lindsay Gibson


As a romance author, I strive to ignite love. . .both through the power of heartwarming stories and within the hearts and homes of all my readers.

I craft tales drawn from my New England roots, where I've always been deeply moved by the breathtaking landscapes and rich history—serving as the perfect backdrop of all my stories. 

As a former mental health nutritionist - I am also passionate about helping my readers find ways to promote relaxation and create their own happy ending!

Join me on this happy & love-filled journey!

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Fly Away Summer Lindsay Gibson
The Christmas Promise Author Lindsay Gibson
Just Be Author Lindsay Gibson


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Author Lindsay Gibson

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"Gibson’s romance is as bright and sparkling as the ruby ring at the center of the painting … A charming romance that’s as warm and cozy as hot chocolate on a winter’s day.” -Kirkus Reviews
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As someone who personally overcame some of life's biggest struggles. . .I've learned to let go of emotional addictions that haven't served me, healed, and found my sanctuary within: where love always remind me that it is the reason. . .and where my heartwarming novels will always take you to.

However, creating a haven in the heart and home in real life is a deep passion of mine. Where joy dances freely and love permeates every nook and cranny. As a trained mental health nutritionist, I dive into all my tips—spreading the love in many ways!


Follow along while I weave warmth, comfort and serenity both inside your home and heart.


Want to read my personal story? Grab a copy of my memoir Just Be

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