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Exploring the Seasonality of Fresh Fish

Is There a Best Time of Year to Buy Seafood? Answer is yes!

With the release of my latest beach read: Fly Away Summer...a heartwarming Cape Cod romance—let's dive into all things seafood and explore the seasonality for fresh fish buying!

And meet the characters! + a New England recipe to share!

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Fly Away Summer Lindsay Gibson

Meet Lana Kelly & Hunter Graham

I'm thrilled for everyone to meet Lana, a vibrant redhead often found tucked away in her kitchen at her seaside restaurant, "On the Bay," a beloved spot in Bluedale, which is renowned for its exquisite seafood dishes prepared by Lana herself.

Lana's childhood was intertwined with the sea—where she was always envisioning herself as a chef concocting various seafood recipes. Her father's expertise as a fisherman, catching the best seafood to market and her grandmother's culinary masterpieces in their family’s inn—laid the groundwork for her aspirations until tragedy struck at the age of eleven, leading to a series of losses.

When Hunter Graham, a prominent developer from New York City, enters her life, it becomes another challenging chapter...along with one final blow. But was it?

How does Lana keep her dream alive through it all? How does she conquer?

Amongst all of the obstacles, challenges and pain—is there any room in her heart for love?

A captivating story of perseverance, resilence and redemption against the backdrop of Cape Cod's picturesque setting—where the power of love can blossom amidst the darkest challenges.

Seafood Through the Seasons: The Seasonality of Fresh Fish

As Lana and Hunter's story moves along, so do the seasons of our lives...along with food's many changes during the year. Many delicious seafood dishes are sprinkled throughout the story so let's learn when the best times you can bring seafood into your home to give some new recipes a try.

Fruits and vegetables aren't the only foods that times of the year matter when buying, seafood does as well. However, it's based on natural breeding, migratory patterns, or human regulations designed to prevent overfishing. 

Lana's father knew when, where and how to catch the best so let's run through it!

Salmon-Early summer and all the way through until the end of the year

Cod-Year round! A peak in late winter for Pacific and late summer for Atlantic.

Clams- Fly Away Summer's signature seafood and they might play a big role in Lana and Hunter's connection! Wild clams are available year-round, though they're at their best from September through April.

  • Atlantic hard-shell clams, aka quahogs: Available year-round, but mainly April through September, peaking in early summer.

  • Manila clams: These pacific clams are available year-round, but are best in the winter months.

  • Razor clams: Available year-round, but often regulated.


  • Crawfish-November to July, but their peak months are from late February through May.

  • Lobster-Maine lobsters are at their peak season between late June and late December, while lobsters in Florida and California typically peak from August to March.

  • Oysters-September through April.

  • Scallops-Year-round, but typically peak from December through March.

Clam Bake at Home

Clam bakes are something you'll hear about over and over during the story and they might seem impossible to do without the beach and all the fixings...but it's not! Try this New England favorite at home with this easy recipe!

Fly Away Summer Lindsay Gibson


  • 1 cup cold water

  • 2 cups white wine

  • 3 tbsp. Old Bay seasoning

  • 1 tsp. sea salt

  • 4 cloves garlic

  • 3 in shallots cut in half

  • 1 lb. mixed baby potatoes

  • 1 ½ lb. lobster

  • 1 lb. mussels

  • 1 dozen steamer clams

  • 2 ears corn cut in half

  • cup ¼flat leaf parsley chopped

  • Lemon to garnish

  • More Old Bay for Seasoning

  • Melted butter to dip


  1. In a large pot, bring the water, wine, Old Bay, salt and garlic to boil.

  2. Add in the shallots and the potatoes, cover and cook for 15 minutes on medium-high heat.

  3. Add the lobster, cover and cook for 3 minutes.

  4. Add in the mussels, clams and corn, cover and cook for 8-10 minutes or until the mussels and clam shells have opened.

  5. Grill your lemon, or place directly on the gas for a charred flavor.

  6. Remove the pot from heat and drain the liquid, keeping the shallots and garlic.

  7. Add all ingredients, including the lemon to a double bagged paper bag. Add parsley and more Old Bay to taste.

  8. Shake bag and then empty the bag directly onto the table with old newspaper or butcher paper as the liner.

  9. Serve with melted butter and more lemon.

  10. Enjoy!

*Do not eat clams and mussels if the shells have not opened!

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