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Top 4 Essentials Easy Beach Reading

Sun, Sand and Stories

Sandy toes and page-turning bliss at the beach! Ahhhh...the beach—the perfect destination for relaxation, sunbathing and of course...reading. There's just something about the sound of the waves and the warmth of the sun on your skin that makes curling up with a good book an absolute delight.

But have you ever found yourself comfortable on the sand with a good story in hand, only to realize you could use a few beach essentials to make reading a bit easier? I know I have! I've got you covered! Here is my must have items to create the ultimate beach reading experience.

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Fly Away Summer Novel Lindsay Gibson

First up...Choose Paperback!

Before I get into my list...and while I appreciate the convenience of Kindle Unlimited...I am a huge fan of paperbacks—especially at the beach!

Outside of the tactile experience a paperback brings by holding a book in your hands, studies show that reading paperbacks strengthens your focus without distractions on a screen (you won't be tempted to scroll!) AND they help the reader to comprehend and retain information better!

I am a huge fan of natural light and blocking blue light whenever possible, so what better way to receive that then outside at the beach. A paperback will not bring the eyestrain screen can sometimes give outside and won't need to worry about battery life or bringing a portable charger.

Now back to the list!

That Pesky Seabreeze

Now that my family and I have moved down to the gorgeous South Carolina coast...I am very grateful for that cooling breeze, however when trying to read out there—it can be super annoying!

Adjustable Reading Bracket

*I'd get a few on hand!

Lindsay Gibson Beach Guide

Lightweight Beach Reading Fold-Up Chair

This easy to carry beach chair is my favorite! Bonus— read in any position too with a comfortable reading hole! Footrest, armrest, drink has it all!

Beach Essentials Lindsay Gibson

Waterproof Tote

This one comes in a few designs! Plus a few differe compartments. I always have my phone in a waterproof case too! A second tote bag open is this larger one as well!

Beach Essentials Lindsay Gibson

Natural Bug Spray

I love Lemongrass Spa for many of their products—ESPECIALLY their makeup!— and their company mission and more. My kids and I use this bug spray, especially at the beach! Those horse and stable fly bites can hurt!

Bug Spray Lindsay Gibson

Make sure to check out my summer essentials shop kicking off May 21st for my upcoming release: Fly Away Summer!

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I looove the book page stabilizer. It really helps with the wind!

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