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A guide following author Lindsay Gibson's memoir Just Be, overcoming PTSD and trauma.

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Just Be Guide: Steps to
Healing Trauma


Do you think it’s possible to heal from past trauma? The debilitating effects of constant anxiety, sleepless nights, trust issues, flashbacks, anger and crushing sadness left me wondering if I could ever heal, so I simply went into “forever” denial. Ignoring my symptoms only made me worse, but eventually I found out how to heal and you can too. In my memoir, Just Be, you are taken through a thirteen-year journey of how I coped, and you can see through my eyes what it was like for me – but most importantly – how I overcame it. How I healed and chose to live again. Through becoming aware of my triggers, I have successfully learned how to better manage the trauma symptoms. Now there is more meaning and fulfillment in my life again. I am more able to relax and trust all that life has to offer me. And best of all, I rediscovered my inner joy.

Healing from trauma is absolutely possible when you accept that trauma has affected your life. Trauma comes in many different forms, varying degrees and is not always life-threatening. It can stem from a stressful childhood and upbringing, to losing someone you love, losing a job, a health crisis and more. Trauma is any situation that is so overwhelming, you simply cannot cope. So, how does one heal?

The Just Be Guide: Steps to Healing from Trauma is a step-by-step guide to help you begin the journey to release your story safely and take your life back again. Everything that I learned in those thirteen years are inside this guide, to lead you back to yourself – back to your life – and back to love and joy!

We came from love and we will go back to love – but how do we find the love in between? It just takes doing the right, but the one thing that may be the hardest: Making the choice to start.

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